Alpapia Kingdoms

Alpapia, adventure together and forge lifelong friendships.

Welcome to your endless adventure in Alpapia Kingdoms! Here, you'll embark on a challenging journey filled with thrilling battles. Join adorable heroes as your trusted companions in your exploration, and together, craft tales of defeating the demon lord and building a bright, peaceful kingdom!



The Alpapia Kingdom has chosen eight heroes to embark on a grand adventure. Their mission: to vanquish the malevolent demons and ultimately conquer the Demon Lord, ruler of the dreaded Demon Kingdom.


Brave Warrior

The Brave Warrior is a fearless and valiant character who is always ready to face danger head-on. They fight with honor and protect those in need.

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Adventure across many


  • tranquil-meadow


    Tranquil Meadow

    Home to a peaceful and idyllic natural paradise, the Alpapia Kingdom is where every adventurer begins their journey. Explore lush meadows, encounter whimsical creatures, and embark on quests to preserve the harmony of this enchanting land.

  • verdant-grove

    RANK 1

    Verdant Grove

    Kingdom of the forest, quiet and beautiful with diverse fauna and wildlife. You mat come across a beautiful waterfall or lake. People in this realm often feel a closely connected with nature.

  • frostwind-highlands

    RANK 2

    Frostwind Highlands

    At the peak of icy mountains, you'll find the Frostwind Highlands Kingdom, where the Snow Queen and the Ice King rule. Journey through frosty landscapes, interact with snow sprites, and partake in epic quests as you travel through these frosty lands

  • scorched-sands-dominion

    RANK 3

    Scorched Sands Dominion

    A land of scorching deserts and golden sands, ruled by dragons and genies. Engage in epic adventures, uncover hidden treasures, and face the challenges of this fiery realm, all while seeking the favor of the rulers of the sands.

  • ethereal-abyss-domain

    RANK 4

    Ethereal Abyss Domain

    The Ethereal Abyss Domain is a realm bridging the gap between life and death, inhabited by spirits and enchanting entities. Delve into haunted castles, encounter spectral beings, and undertake mystical quests in this otherworldly kingdom.

  • the-hell-realm

    RANK 5

    The Hell Realm

    A place where fire and brimstone reign supreme. Ruled by the malevolent Demon Lord, this realm is one of eternal torment. Navigate perilous infernos, confront nightmarish demons, and embark on a harrowing journey to vanquish the forces of darkness that threaten to engulf the Kingdom of Alpapia.


Getting started

Start with just 3 simple steps

  • wheel-of-fortune

    Wheel of Fortune

    Destiny takes the helm as you spin the Wheel of Fortune. Choose your favorite hero and one of five adventure ranks, and let the wheel decide your fate. Your epic journey begins with a simple spin.

  • embark-on-adventures

    Embark on Adventures

    Set forth on daring adventures by selecting your route on the world map. Each turn offers a choice of destination. Will you confront demons, uncover hidden treasures, or engage in friendly encounters with fellow travelers in the kingdom?

  • fight-for-victory

    Fight for Victory

    Compete head-to-head against other heroes, and may the bravest emerge victorious. Only the hero with the highest score or the last one standing will claim the coveted treasures and bask in the glory of ultimate rewards.


Origins of the Epic

The epic tale begins in the once peaceful and prosperous land of Alpapia Kingdom, ruled by the benevolent King Alpapia. Every inhabitant, be it humans or mystical creatures, enjoyed a life of happiness and tranquility in this realm.

However, one fateful day, ominous rumors started spreading throughout Alpapia Kingdom. It was said that a Demon Lord had risen within The Hell Realm with nefarious intentions of launching an attack on Alpapia Kingdom, seeking to shatter its peace and conquer its lands. This Demon Lord, self-proclaimed as the ''Demon Lord of Chaos,'' had assembled a ruthless army of demons, instilling fear and trepidation in the hearts of all who heard of his malevolence.

Realizing the impending threat and determined to safeguard the harmony of his kingdom, King Alpapia made a crucial decision. He issued a call to heroes, brave souls willing to stand and fight to protect Alpapia Kingdom from the impending peril. They were tasked with embarking on an arduous adventure to reclaim the serenity and sovereignty that the kingdom once knew.

In this grand quest filled with challenges and obstacles, players take on the roles of one of the eight chosen heroes, united by the common goal of restoring peace to Alpapia Kingdom. Their mission: to face the demons and the formidable Demon Lord of Chaos, setting forth on an adventure that would test their mettle and determination.

Venture into the enchanting world of Alpapia Kingdom, where the destiny of the realm rests in the hands of these valiant heroes.

  • Explore the World Map

    Starting point

    Starting point of the adventure of 4 heroes who will compete for first place in the game. It will be in front of King Alpapias castle.

  • Explore the World Map


    A fortress that players must compete for possession of. To compete for advantage in playing, there are a total of 4 points.

  • Explore the World Map


    There are 10 Treasure Hunt locations in total. Players walking towards Treasure locations will be able to randomly receive game items to use in the game. Or get gold coins to gain an advantage in accumulating points.

  • Explore the World Map


    Players can accumulate points by winning battles with monsters. There are 5 monster locations in total, but there are risks if the player is unable to defeat them. The person will also lose vitality.

  • Explore the World Map

    Elite monster

    When fighting an Elite Monster, the player who wins the battle will receive the same amount of points as the battle against the monster. And if the player can kill an Elite Monster, the player will receive more points. There are 3 positions with Elite Monsters.

  • Explore the World Map

    Boss (Demon Lord)

    The Boss (Demon Lord) is the end goal of every player. Killing it though will prove challenging because of its high vitality. If the player can win the battle, they will receive battle points. But if any player can kill the Boss (Demon Lord), that player will win the game, ending it immediately and receiving all the rewards


Game Feature

Fun adventurous experience

  • friends

    Challenge your friends!


    In this game, you'll need to fight your way to the top to seize the coveted position of being the best!

  • treasures

    explore the terrain and amass treasures


    Score and treasure collection are key components of achieving victory!

  • demon

    Conquer the Demon Lord!


    Demonstrate your mettle and emerge victorious!

  • monsters

    Engage in battles against monsters


    Encounter challenges along the way that you must overcome.

  • fortress

    Seize control of the fortress.


    Seize the opportunity and attempt to claim the castle as your own.


Are You Ready?

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure and participate in the competition within Alpapia Kingdoms! Set out on your heroic journey and weave your own tale in a world brimming with daunting challenges. The thrill never ceases!


Battle Modes

3 Conflict Engagements

  • hero-vs-monsterbattle-card-border

    Hero vs Monster


    This is a battle between players and monsters encountered at various points on the map. When a player defeats a monster, they earn rewards. Conversely, losing a battle means facing the consequences.

  • hero-vs-herobattle-card-border

    Hero vs Hero


    It's not just about battling monsters; during your adventure, you might find yourself in a showdown with other players, competing for victory and the chance to claim rewards from the King.

  • hero-vs-demonlordbattle-card-border

    Hero vs Demonlord


    The challenging battles are the true test of a hero, and a genuine hero is one who can conquer the Demon Lord. So, how does a hero go about defeating the Demon Lord? When a hero manages to vanquish the Demon Lord, they receive epic rewards as a testament to their triumph.


    Embark on this thrilling adventure and reap bountiful rewards!

    Discover a wealth of treasures hidden within treasure chests along your victorious journey!

    Explore a multitude of in-game items to amass wealth and become a prosperous hero.


      Take the lead and turn your journey into an adventure filled with excitement and fun. Team up with players from across the globe to create new experiences together!